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Envy (エンヴィー Enbī) was the third Homunculus to appear in the Fullmetal Alchemist series. Envy's gender


is not specified, but it is presumed that he is a male since other characters generally refer to Envy as a he. He has the ability to shapeshift into any person, including people that he himself creates and has the ability to manipulate his voice to mimic others.

Envy prefers to stay in the "cute" and "beautiful" form which makes him look like an androgynous teenager with long green hair. He normally is used as a spy since he can shapeshift, but is also used for assassinations. His preferred method of assassination is disguising himself as the victim's loved one and then using their shock and hesitation to his advantage, as demonstrated in the murder of Maes Hughes. Though Envy is an intelligent Homunculus, his enormous but fragile ego and short temper often make him reckless and uncontrollable.


Envy's two true forms, powerful (top) and powerless (bottom)

Envy is usually in the form of an androgynous teen with a lean and muscular build. He has long, green hair, violet eyes, and wears a black 'skort', a black skin-tight crop top, and a black matching headband with a red, triangular alchemical symbol on it. 

Although he is already a difficult opponent in his human form, he can change into a large lizard-like form with a black mane and a right eye with six pupils. The most disturbing part of this form is the many protruding bodies that are constantly begging for help and screaming. These are the souls of the Xerxians that Father used when he made the Philosopher's Stone that makes up Envy's core.

Envy attaching himself to Yoki's neck

When the power in this core is stripped away, Envy is left in a small, puny form of a lizard. To regain his strength, he must attach himself onto the body of another creature and absorb its soul into his Philosopher's Stone. Envy is one of the cruelest Homunculi, taking pleasure in the distress and pain of his victims. He will kill anything without hesitation and often enjoys it. He plays with the emotions of his victims which gives him a psychological advantage on them.

Envy (in the form of Gracia Hughes) giddily recounting how he murdered Maes Hughes

Despite his cruel actions, Envy is secretly jealous of humans and the bonds of friendship and family that they share since the Homunculi show very little emotion toward one another. Because of this, Envy is considered to have one of the deepest personalities out of all the Homunculi. Envy is also very conflicted because Edward Elric is able to see his jealousy so easily.


Envy has the ability to shapeshift into anyone or anything he chooses to, so long as the form does not exceed the size and weight of his true form. This is not really a problem considering how large and heavy the true form is. His power comes in handy whenever he needs to blend in with a crowd and look like an average citizen or travel fast in the form of a dog or a horse. Envy can also transform single parts of his body at a time, and he often uses this ability to change his limbs into weapons during a fight.

Envy holding Dr. Marco with his elongated tongue

When Envy is in his monstrous true form, he can inflict incredible damage and use his strength to his full potential, powerful enough to crush stone with his limbs and jaws. He can also manipulate the bodies from his Philosopher's Stone and make them disappear or appear as he pleases. Envy is able to elongate his tongue and use it as a weapon or a binding to hold his prey.  

Even when Envy is in his human form, he retains the weight of his true form, something noticed and pointed out by Ling Yao when he was fighting Envy. Though he is extremely heavy, no matter what form Envy takes he is able to move incredibly fast. In any form he takes, he can extend his arm a great length. His limit on how long it can be is not known. The limb is apparently sharp as well, this being proved by the injuries he inflicted on Riza Hawkeye with his arm. 

In Envy's powerless form, he is a parasite whose only power is to take over the body of another living being. When he does this, he is able to control the body of his host and use their soul to increase his own strength. He can also absorb more bodies to make himself more powerful and regain his original strength. This power is similar to Pride, who also can absorb the bodies of other beings, including other Homunculi,  to make himself more powerful and gain their powers, though he does not become a parasite. It is unknown if Envy can also absorb the bodies of his fellow Homunculi.

The Manga and 2009 Anime[]

Envy shooting the Ishvalan child to start the war

In the manga and 2009 anime, Envy was the fourth Homunculus created by Father and was created to cause massive bloodshed and distrust among humans with his shapeshifting powers and ruthless personality. Envy was used to start the Ishvalan war by shooting an Ishvalan child while in the disguise of an Amestrian soldier. The soldier who Envy posed as took the blame for the start of the war while Envy went undiscovered. Envy took no shame in this and even gloated about his part in starting the war. Later, Envy was sent to Reole to pose as Father Cornello, the false prophet who was killed by Lust. 

Envy Murders Maes Hughes

Envy first encounterd Edward Elric in the 5th laboratory after killing of the younger Slicer brother for jeapardizing the Homunculi's plans. Envy ends up making an enemy out of Edward and, taking advantage of his automail malfunction, Envy knocks Ed out and warns him that he should be grateful that Envy wasn't fighting all out with him. Later, Envy later murders Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes for stumbling upon the plans for The Day of Reckoning, taking the form of Hughes' wife Gracia and using his hesitation of attacking his own wife to his advantage.When the Homunculus Greed was taken hostage by King Bradley (Wrath), Greed and Envy began fighting in a "brotherly quarrel", almost pushing Envy's temper over the edge and causing him to nearly begin fighting Greed in his true form, but the fight was stopped by Father.

Envy swallows Edward alive

After Lust was killed by Colonel Mustang, Envy took over her job as the representative of the Homunculi, and, when Dr. Tim Marcoh was captured, Envy became his jailer. When Gluttony was captured by Edward Elric and Ling Yao, Envy attempts to retrieve him but ends up engaging Ling Yao in hand to hand combat. This ends up with Gluttony going out of control and Envy, Ling and Edward being sucked into Gluttony's failed Portal of Truth. When Envy re encounters Edward and Ling in Gluttony's subspace, he gleefully admits being the one to start the Ishvalan War. This enrages Edward, causing him to start attacking Envy. Envy, seeing that there was no way to get out of the failed Portal of Truth, decides that there was no reason to not fight Edward all out, and transforms into his true form. Envy uses the consumed souls on his body to his advantage and mess with Edward's thoughts before knocking him out and swallowing him alive.

Edward eventually calls a temporary truce with Envy, saying that he knew a way to free them from Gluttony. Envy lets Edward use his Philosopher's Stone to get them out, draining Envy of some souls in the process. The amount of souls drained is not enough to kil him, but it does weaken him. When they return to the real world, Envy had promised to tell Edward everything he knew, but goes back on his promise and restrains Edward and his younger brother Alphonse so Father could make Ling into the new Greed. Scar arrived with May Chang, and Edward revealed Envy's part in the star of the Ishvalan war. This caused a distraction and almost let the Elric brothers escape. Soon after this, Envy takes the Elrics to King Bradley so that they can be forced to stay quiet about what they have learned.

Envy releases Solf J. Kimblee from prison

Later, Envy released Solf J. Kimblee from the jail he was imprisoned in so that he could work for the Homunculi to locate Scar and recapture Dr. Tim Marcoh. Envy is then lured into a trap by Zampano who pretended to sell out Dr. Marcoh. This resulted into a fight in which Envy transform into his true form. Envy grabs Dr. Marcoh and recounts how his men were used as sacrifices to make a Philosopher's Stone. This is Envy's undoing when Dr. Marcoh succeeds in destroying most of the souls in Envy's Philosopher's Stone, reducing him into his helpless form. After an unsuccessful attempt at taking over the body of Yoki, Envy is put into a jar and given to May Chang so she can bring him back to Xing.As May is returning to Xing with Envy, he plays on her guilt of leaving her friends and manipulates her into returning to Central to obtain another Philosopher's Stone.

Mustang begins destroying Envy as revenge for killing Hughes

As the Day of Reckoning commences, May and Envy arrive in Central and are attacked by the rouge mannequin soldiers, causing the jar in which Envy is encased in to break. Using this to his advantage, he manages to take over the body of a mannequin soldier and regain his full form. From there, Envy begins attacking May, resulting in them crashing into the Third Laboratory. Envy sees people that were former enemies are working together, and, in an attempt to spark hatred between them, reveals that he is the murderer of Maes Hughes. Mustang refuses to believe that his friend had been killed by a "moron" which results in Envy changing into the form of Gracia Hughes and gloating about how the shocked reaction that Mustang had was the same that Hughes had when Envy had killed him. This sends Mustang into a hate-filled rage, forcing the Homunculus to escape into the sewers. In an attempt to kill Lt. Riza Hawkeye, Envy takes the form of Roy Mustang, but she figures out his plan and shoots him multiple times with her many weapons. Although Envy does manage to injure Hawkeye, Mustang arrives and continues destroying Envy's body until he is once again reduced to his parasitic form.

Envy pulling out his Philosopher's Stone tearfully

Envy is saved from being executed by Mustang through an intervention by Riza, Scar, and Edward to cease his quest for revenge. Envy unsuccesfully attempts to spark a fight between the group by mentioning all the horrible things the group has done to one another and is mortified at how they can put aside their hatred and work together to defeat him. It is then that Edward reveals that Envy is jealous of humans and the strong relationships they share with one another. Realizing that what Edward says is true, Envy feels utterly disgraced at this revelation and the fact that Edward sympathized with it. Envy tearfully begins to pull out his own Philosopher's Stone, and as he is desintigrating, he whispers, "Goodbye, Edward Elric" while crying.

Envy is the third Homunculus in the 2009 series to permanently die and the only one to die by its own hand.

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