Alias The Dwarf in the Flask
Philosopher of the East
Race Homunculus
Birthday January 26th
Place of Creation Xerxes
Age Around 435
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Homunculus, Amestris
Occupation Alchemist
Base of Operations Underground HQ, Amestris
Personal Status
Relatives Pride (son)
Greed (son, deceased)
Wrath (son, deceased)
Lust (daughter, deceased)
Gluttony (son, deceased)
Envy (son, deceased)
Sloth (son, deceased)
Power Alchemy
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 31
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Iemasa Kayumi
English Voice Kent Williams

Father (お父様, Otō-sama) is the oldest and most powerful Homunculus. He is the deeply linked and connected to Van Hohenheim and was the creator of the Homunculus that represent the seven deadly sins. He Founded Amestris and manipulated all the aspects of its development including creating the form of Alchemy used in the country.

Appearance Edit



ch40 pg 25; ch74 pg30-36; ch75 pg4-26; ch76 pg8


Father is a homunculus that was friends With Van Hohenheim. Father promised Van immortal life in Exchange for over one Whole town of People, and took his appearance and crated all the homunculus. He made all homunculus named after every sin that mankind has aka The Seven Deadly Sins. Wrath, Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Greed, Pride and Sloth. He was called Father because he made all the homunculi. He later pursued Power from god. He then died because the sin of lust and greed took over him. He was banished by god to ''the dead realm''.


Alchemical Mastery





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