Gluttony the Voracious
Race Homunculus
Place of Creation Amestris
Age 100+
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Father; Homunculus
Occupation False Gate of Truth
Evidence Eraser
Partner Pride
Previous Partner Lust, Wrath, Envy
Personal Status
Relatives Father (creator, deceased)
Selim Bradley/Pride (adopted son/brother)
Envy (brother, deceased)
Lust (sister, deceased)
Wrath (brother, deceased)
Sloth (brother, deceased)
Greed (brother, deceased)
Power Ability to eat anything, acidic saliva, False Gate of Truth
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Tetsu Shiratori
English Voice Chris Cason

Gluttony is the second youngest Homunculus in Father's army.


Gluttony, as his name implies, is a short, obese man. He has white, pupils eyes and a noticeably large nose. There is a red line with nodes going from the back of his neck, and down to his wrists, where he wears cuffs. He wears a large, sleeveless full body suit, without the head. When using his main power, his lower jaw opens and expands greatly, as well as the front side of his body opening with it. The ribs open in a way to appear to be a vertical, sharp-fanged mouth, and inside is a dark void and an eye in the center. His homonculus tattoo is on his tongue.


As his name suggests, Gluttony has ravenous hunger, with an appetite for humans, especially little girls. He is also simple minded and takes orders easily, and appears to be unaware of Father's true goals. However, he is also aware of negative consequences, as seen when he realized he consumed Envy and a sacrifice, when he was only supposed to eat Ling. He was also aware of his impending doom moments before Pride consumes him.

He also appears to be very optimistic on life. His relationship with his brothers and sisters is a positive one. He happily welcomed the new Greed into existence, for example. His most definitive relationship is with his older sister, Lust. He is frequently seen around her when she was alive, and was greatly saddened by her death. His relationship with Lust provokes Gluttony into using his full power to attack Roy Mustang when he sees him, realizing he killed Lust. He also appears to work with Envy, Wrath, and Pride, though they tend to order Gluttony around more often, with Pride going as far as to consume Gluttony.




False Gate of Truth:

Enhanced Sense (Smell):

Enhanced Strength:




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