Humans are the dominant beings on the planet Earth and comprise most of its animal population. In addition to being the only life forms capable of using tools and skills in an advanced manner, they are also the only known species on Earth capable of performing alchemy.

humans are comprised alchemically of three major parts: the body, the soul and the mind/spirit.

The physical body, which is a complex system of bones, muscles, organs, nerves and blood vessels developed for optimal interaction with the environment, follows standard natural laws and patterns that, while different between species, are similar to all animal life on the planet. It has been stated that, broken down to its basest components, the average adult human body is comprised of Water (35 L), Carbon (20 kg), Ammonia (4 L), Lime (1.5 kg), Phosphorous (800 g), Salt (250 g), Saltpeter (100 g), Sulfur (80 g), Fluorine (7.5 g), Iron (5 g), Silicon (3 g) and fifteen other elements in trace amounts.

The soul, on the other hand, is a component apparently unique to humans in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. It is the incorporeal and supposedly eternal part of a human, synonymous with the self or psyche, which contains all non-biological and emotional attributes and is said to separate entirely from the physical body at death. The soul also appears to hold a great deal of energy, as it powers human action and can even be Philosopher's Stone.

While a human remains alive, however, the body and soul are connected by an entity known as the spirit (but often referred to as the mind). Regardless of how mutilated or altered either the body or soul may become, so long as they both remain intact, the connection between them remains and will cause the two components to resonate with each other and attract one another in an attempt to reunite themselves.

Human WillEdit

The will of humans is a concept that is touched upon in the series. As a species with reasoning advanced enough for intimate communication and souls that allow them to identify with each other on a plane other than the purely biological, many humans are able to cooperate, rather than compete, for survival and will even put their own lives at risk to help others.

The Definition of HumanEdit

Although the standard human being usually fits a set list of criteria in order to be referred to as "Human", alchemical advancements and Human Transmutation has brought about complications in the cases of those whose bodies or souls have been altered or mutilated.

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