Izumi Curtis
Race Human
Birthday 1879
Birthplace Amestris
Age 35-36
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Elric Brothers
Occupation Housewife
Base of Operations Dublith, Amestris
Personal Status
Relatives Sig Curtis (husband) unnamed son (deceased)
Alchemy Generic
Skills Master Martial Artist
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 14
Anime Debut Episode 2
Japanese Voice Shoko Tsuda
English Voice Christine Auten

Izumi Curtis (イズミ・カーティス, Izumi Kātisu; ; ; ), (née Harnet) is a master alchemist and skilled martial artist living in the southern Amestrian town of Dublith where she runs a butcher shop with her husband Sig. Though she doesn't usually take on students, Izumi accepted Edward and Alphonse Elric's plea to take them on as her apprentices and instructed them in alchemical theory and practice for six months.


Izumi is fair-skinned with sharp dark eyes, and has a tall, buxom and slender, yet well-toned figure. She has upper back-length black hair worn in box braids, usually tied in a ponytail. Above her left breast is a Flamel tattoo. She normally wears a long white-collared, button-up blouse that reveals her ample cleavage, that has flowing backside, form-fitting grey pants reaching her ankles, and opened-toed sandals that have the letters "W.C." on them.




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