State Alchemist
Kanji 国家錬金術師
Romaji Kokka Renkinjutsushi
Founder(s) King Bradley
Headquarters Central City
Leader(s) King Bradley
Affiliation State Military; Amestris

State Alchemist (国家錬金術師, Kokka Renkinjutsushi; ; ; ) is an alchemist employed by the Amestrian State Military as part of an elite government mandated program. A State Alchemist is identifiable by a pocket watch that the alchemist carries with them.


To become and stay a State Alchemist, the applicant must demonstrate his/her abilities in front of several military officials, including Fuhrer King Bradley, and pass a written exam and psychological evaluation. If the applicant scores high enough, then he/she will be admitted into the program, and the Fuhrer will bequeath a title to the Alchemist based on his abilities. [1]


On top of the natural limitations of an alchemist, a State Alchemist must adhere to the following or be removed from the program:

  1. Obey the military
  2. Do not transmute items into gold
  3. Do not transmute people[2]

In addition to the rules stated above, each State Alchemist must submit a report of their research and activity to the Fuhrer annually for evaluation, and a missed evaluation could lead to removing the title.[3]


  • Edward Elric broke two of the rules to remain a State Alchemist by trying to create life, and turning coal into gold, though both instances were covered up.
  • Edward pointed out a flaw in the power demonstration system: the Fuhrer left himself in a position to be easily assassinated.


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